Magnesium Helps You Rebound From Your Workout

Posted by Tami Gaines on Jul 23, 2018 3:20:44 PM

magnesium for athletes

Whether a professional athlete, amateur competitor, high school athlete or weekend warrior, any fitness fanatic must embrace transdermal Magnesium application.  It’s a lifesaver for athletes, coaches, and doctors who practice sports medicine.

One of the most basic ways to improve your athletic performance is through proper diet and dietary supplements, which can, add rocket fuel to your mitochondria and help reduce acid thus reducing fatigue. 

When we sweat, we lost more than just water.  According to Dr. Johnathan Toker, “extended periods of exercise at even moderate intensity can cause significant losses of fluid through sweating.  Electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, are present and, over time, will cause your body to become depleted.  What are signs of Magnesium deficiency while working out?

  • Muscle cramping
  • Loss of performance
  • Heat stress

Drinking more water, further dilutes your body’s remaining electrolyte reserves and can make symptoms worse. 

Magnesium is a heavenly treatment for sports-related injuries.  Using 2-4 cups of Magnesium in a bath helps relieve soreness, pain and swelling. Rubbing Magnesium balm or spray directly into an bruise, injury or pain point can cause almost  immediate relief.  Why?

Transdermal  Magnesium is ideal for pain management.  It’s one of the very best ways to administer medicine quickly and effectively.  It bypasses the gut and provides an intensity of application that only daily injections can achieve.

A combination of heat and transdermal  Magnesium increase circulation and waste removal.  Magnesium baths draw out  inflammation from muscles and joints. 

From the pain of sports injuries to low-back pain and sciatica, transdermal Magnesium therapy offers an exciting breakthrough in sports medicine.  Coaches and personal trainers can now treat injuries, prevent them and increase athletic performance all at the same time with Magnesium.  Using transdermal Magnesium therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation while regenerating tissues.  It increases flexibility, which helps avoid injury.  Transdermal Magnesium therapy also helps increase strength and endurance. 

There are many things that an athlete can do to improve athletic performance.  One of them is taking Magnesium.  Transdermal Magnesium therapy gives your body the formula to super-charge performance.  Magnesium will increase oxygen-carrying capacity, increased mitochondrial function and red blood cells will become healthier and perform better.  Cellular waste removal is amplified, tissues are more flexible and general pH is heightened.  

If you are like most athletes, you want to heal naturally from your injury and do so in record time without having to resort to drugs or surgery.  There is no greater way to accomplish this than using transdermal Magnesium therapy. 


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