Magnesium & Men – A Powerful Partnership

Posted by Tami Gaines on Jul 23, 2018 3:10:10 PM

 Magnesium and men

Magnesium is important for us from before we are born until our last breath in life.  The fact that Magnesium diminishes with age and illness should give us a clue as to Magnesium’s vital place in health and sexuality. 

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

Sexuality is a hormone-driven function and Magnesium is critical to proper operations of endocrine function.  Magnesium is found in higher levels of semen then serum.  Orhan Deger from the Ataturk University in Turkey found infertile men had half the semen Magnesium as fertile men.[1]

 By using transdermal Magnesium, we can expect more energy, strength, stamina and even increases sexual energy. Dr. Robert Ornstein and Dr. David Sobel, regional directors for preventive medicine for Kaiser Permanente say that the physiology of sexual excitement in both men and women depends on the ability of blood to flow into the genitals and glands and into the supporting tissues and muscles of the pelvis. In men, decreased levels of Magnesium give rise to vasoconstriction.  This may lead to premature emission and ejaculation processes.  Magnesium is probably also involved in semen transport.

Low Magnesium levels may lead to low pituitary function, which in turn leads to decreased development of the sexual organs and impotence in men.  Additionally, low Magnesium levels in men, reduce sex drive, testosterone levels and sperm count.  Maintaining adequate Magnesium levels is critical to having a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

The Reality of Your Prostate

In Australia, prostate cancer is the leading killer of men and Magnesium is critical to keeping your prostate healthy.

The prostate is a gland, a muscle, a complex filter and a sex center all in one. The gland produces semen which contains substances to protect and energize the sperm. The muscle contracts and pumps the sperm during ejaculation. The filter is designed to protect the sperm from contaminants, and the sexual potential of the prostate is such that prostatic massage can actually deliver multiple orgasms in men.

The prostate muscle should be maintained with the most important mineral for muscle health, magnesium. This is the third mineral that is missing in most of us and the proactive  supplementation of magnesium is critical to prostate health.

Interestingly, Japanese woman often massage the prostate as part of their love making and Japanese men have less prostate problems as a result. This massage, which can be done both internally or externally, encourages a stronger blood flow to the prostate and this is great way to enhance the impact of herbs like saw palmetto, stinging nettle or horsetail through improved delivery.

Magnesium is a critical mineral and could be the key to magical sexual health!


[1] Magnesium, 1988, vol. 7

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