Who Is At Risk for Magnesium Deficiency

Posted by Tami Gaines on Jul 23, 2018 3:31:20 PM

Without Magnesium in your body 

If you're like most people, you don't give any emotional energy to thinking about the levels of Magnesium in  your body.  After all, Magnesium isn't some fancy, exotic Nobel Prize-winning nutrient.  But it is something you should be pondering on a regular basis.  Are you susceptible to Magnesium deficiency?  Probably.

Magnesium is involved in almost all of the body's major cellular metabolic and biochemical processes.  From your heart function to poor sleep, Magnesium deficiency manifests itself in many ways.  See my post called [TITLE].

Blood testing for Magnesium levels is inaccurate.  Who are those most at risk?

  • Diabetics or people with blood sugar abnormalities
  • People who eat mostly junk food
  • People who take prescription medications, particularly for blood pressure
  • People who are Vitamin D deficient -- nearly 40% of the population
  • People who use antibiotics on a consistent and long-term basis
  • People who have gastointenstinal conditions like chronic vomiting, diarrhea, Celiac and Chrohn's disease
  • Alcoholics because of poor nutritional status, chronic GI problems and increased urinary loss
  • Elderly individuals because of poor absorption, chronic disease and long-term medication use

Make your Magnesium intake top-of-mind and read our blog called [TITLE].


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